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Car problems are unavoidable in our everyday living and one of the problems you may face is your car locks jamming up on you, Or on other occasion you may rush out the commercial store the rain pouring and once you get to your car you realize you left the keys in the ignition, And the doors are completely locked!.

As professionals working in the major cities of Tampa, Clearwater and St Petersburg, We have ready solutions for these problems if you face them, All you need to do is give us a call and we send a 24/7 locksmith to come attend to you, We handle a wide range of problems concerning cars, Which will be outline below.

When You Lock Your Key Inside

If you find yourself in such a situation, You have no need to panic or start picking at the lock yourself, This may damage your locks and we prefer having one of our automotive locksmith Tampa experts attending to you, Moreover, We also provide car key replacement services and also do key cutting so you always have a spare one just in case you lock the others, We boast of a wide selection of key blanks, so we can cut just about any design out there.

Lost Your Car Keys?

In this kind of situation our automotive Locksmith Tampa may not be of much help but we have great solutions to such a problem, First we may request that you repair your auto lock mode in case you frequently misplace your keys. As mentioned above we also do car key cutting, So all we need to do is inspect your lock and we know what kind of key opens it.

We also suggest that you make a spare key that you will always keep close just in case you fear misplacing the original one, Our team of trained locksmiths will replace any key you lose for your car, Ignition key, Chip key, Switchblade key or even the trunk key, If you lost your car door keys but still have the ignition key, Then our pick a lock services is all you need to get you going.

Transponder Key Fob Problems
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A transponder key is applicable where the locks of a car work on electronic mechanisms, The transponder keys fobs send a transmission signal to the car which then unlocks the code and gets the car going, Since it is an electronically operated key, It is prone to damage or malfunctioning; you may also lose it at some point and won’t be able to access your car.

In such circumstances you wouldn't want to call a tow truck over because you know how much that will cost, So what do you do? Easy, Just call one of our 24/7 locksmith Tampa technicians and he will be there to sort you out in minutes, We have state of the art equipment that can cut generate a new transponder key on the spot and also recode the car system so it responds to the new key.

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