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Our lives are hectic, and it's never a good time to lose your keys, but it usually happens at the worst time, when you're late for a meeting or another important appointment. We are here to help with your lock and key needs! We use our cars to get us to where we need to go. Usually, we don't even give it a second thought that the key will start the ignition. Maybe when you went to turn your key, it broke off and stuck inside the car door lock or the ignition.

Lost Your Car Keys?

What happens when you lose that key, or maybe it was stolen? Worse yet, maybe you're sitting in the hot sun with the engine running and a child or pet locked inside. You need help fast! All you need to do is call our professionals at All Area to come to your assistance. Our skilled and professional technicians will have you back in the driver's seat in no time. If you have lost your keys, locked your keys inside the car or need the trunk opened, don’t hesitate to call. Our knowledgeable technicians are also able to cut a spare key or reprogram a transponder key on the spot.

When our skilled expert shows up, We will get the job done, and be prepared to show proof that you are the car owner as well.

When You Locked Your Key Inside The Car

When you drive a car, you will eventually experience an unavoidable problem of one kind or another. Chances are, at some point in time, you will need to call upon the help of an automotive expert to help you get inside your locked car after losing your keys, getting them stuck in the keyhole, or breaking the lock or the key off inside of the ignition, door or trunk lock. One of the most common calls we receive, is to come out to help someone get back inside their vehicle because they have lost their keys, or their keys are stuck inside the ignition. Sometimes, the car is still running and there is a pet or a small child trapped inside. It's these kinds of emergencies that we handle almost every day, so we are capable, equipped, and ready to come to your side when it happens to you.

Maybe you took a trip to Honeymoon Island State Park, Sunset Beach, Madeira Beach, Clearwater Beach, Sand key Park, or Treasure Island and just wanted to have a nice and relaxing day in the sun by the water feeling the sand between your toes. After your nice, calm day, you realize that your keys are nowhere to be found, or you go to open your back hatch or door, and the key snaps off leaving a broken piece of key inside the lock and the other piece in your hand. A trip to the beach should never end with you standing outside a locked vehicle with arms full of sandy beach gear unable to unlock your car or the trunk. Our professional team works to serve the Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg area where we are ready to come to you and help. We are even available on weekends or holidays when the beaches are most crowded. We will make our way to where you are to get you back inside in the driver's seat and back on the road to a better day with a brand new, working key in hand.

Transponder Key Fob Problems?
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One of the most common calls we receive, almost everyday, is for one of our trusted technicians to show up on location to open a locked vehicle or to provide a duplicate key to get your car started. We will ask to see proof of identification to make sure we are helping the right person get into their vehicle, and then we will get started by beginning to cut a duplicate car key for you to get back inside. If you still have your ignition key but have lost the keys needed to open your car door, we will implore our lock picking services to get your car opened quickly. We will open up your car door without leaving any damage, and depending on your situation, we may recommend a new lock mode that will help you never to worry about losing your keys ever again. We will also recommend that you have a spare key made that you place in an easy-to-access location, maybe in a wallet or with a trusted friend or family member, should you ever lock yourself out of your vehicle in the future. Our trained staff is able to replace any car key that you lose, including ignition keys, chip keys, switchblade keys, transponder keys, or trunk keys.

When you discover that you have locked your key inside the car, don't panic! If you are anywhere within the Tampa area, the first and best thing you can do is pick up your phone and give us a call. We know what to do! Our qualified and skilled technician will show up in a clearly marked company vehicle equipped with all of the necessary tools to get you back inside your car in a hurry. We will provide you with car key replacement services, cut a new key on site, or program a transponder key to get you on your way to where you are headed.

Everything nowadays is going more and more electronic, and car keys are no exception. We are knowledgeable and skilled in handling any type of transponder key fob problems as well. A transponder key works on an electronic mechanism that sends a transmission signal to a responder that acts to unlock doors, lock doors, or turn on the ignition. Because it works electronically, when something goes wrong, it can expensive to repair. And, don’t even think about what happens when you lose the transponder key fob. Some of the transponder key fobs are also designed so that it is difficult to even change a battery, which becomes necessary from time to time. Sure, you can call your car dealership in times like these, but why wait to make an appointment, sit in the dealership while they work on your key only to pay exorbitant sky-high prices for their work. Sometimes, you can't afford even the wait time that a dealership will require. We are able to handle most transponder key issues on the spot and get you back on the road again saving you from paying extremely high prices that a car dealership will charge, and saving you time as well with the same great results.

Our team of friendly, qualified expert technicians are waiting to serve your automotive keys needs anywhere within our service area. We are ready to come to your assistance from Tampa to Clearwater or St. Pete. Before you spend another minute worrying about what to do, Give us a call and let us help.

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